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Tropical Beach with coconut trees
Who we are

The annual Cocktails and Jerk Festival is a Caribbean themed event that invites patrons into a space of mutual cultural learning and engagement. Nothing brings people together like good food and music, and this festival showcases both. With a mix of musical offerings that vibrate with Caribbean energy and Afro rhythms, there is no shortage of opportunities to let loose and dance. Djs, dancers, both local and international talents, take to the stage eager to get the crowd moving. As this festival grows, there is no doubt that the Cocktails & Jerk Festival mainstage will become a household name and shift the landscape for Caribbean entertainment in this region.

Our intent is to also make every Western Canadian aware of "Jerk Culture". We are spreading the knowledge of the beautiful history behind this flavourful style of meat preparation. Edmonton’s top Caribbean food vendors will tantalize taste buds with this popular Caribbean street food. And you cannot have a cultural conversation about the Caribbean Islands without touching on the wide variety of rums and how much it is a part of our heritage and daily life. Luscious alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails prepared by skilled mixologists help give our patrons the feeling of a relaxing one-day staycation vibe right before the long winter period.

With games and presentations that share bits of Caribbean history and culture, patrons will find a safe space to build a greater appreciation of the vibrant island culture, right in the heart of Alberta’s capital city.

The concept for the Cocktails and Jerk festival came about during the COVID pandemic lockdowns. During this time, we all were craving a vacation get-away, a little break from all the craziness and monotony of being isolated at home. These conditions sparked many ideas; creating a tropical staycation in Edmonton was the most enticing and that is what we set out to create. Good food, good moods, great people and rhythmic grooves.

Cocktails & Jerk 2021